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Feeling sad, I look like hollow and floating on the sea of pain. Not realizing when I would fall in the sea, or even I have fallen apart. Pain trapped me as if hair entangled me. The hurt locked inside my body as if it lived in the innermost parts of my body. Hair is as intimate as pain which entangle me. I could not escape from them. Through the whole process of creating these hair works, I seemed to recall, record and release the sadness.

An ancient and unique woman’s writing, Nushu, expressed the uninterrupted grief and repression of Chinese women in a thousand year while shared women’s sorrow and passion with their Laotong  (intimate companionship) in secrecy.

Nushu represents the secret sharing between girls and women. It implies the very close companionship between females just like Laotong. Intimate in my works unify and link up the hair with the pain and Nushu.

It is intimate intimates.

“There is a difference between male and female. What a cruel nature that makes us (female) cry. The companionship builds up year by year. The words we shared in secrecy.”

It is intimate but also entangles us.

Project // Chan Wing Nga

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