Skin to skin

Skin to skin

Skin to skin

Living under the same atmosphere, I breathe in the air whenever you breathe out. Body touches body. Skin to skin. 

Hong Kong is one of the top optimal cities for living globally. It has taken a leap from 14th in 2011 to 11th this year. We are so pleased with this progression. But being a Hongkonger, we know Hong Kong is not that ideal that you thought. Having been living here for 20 years, dusty air from vehicles and construction almost suffocate me. The grimy particles entwined me every day everywhere. My skin reacted to those particles and resulted in skin irritation. 

The terrible thing is, I found out that Hong Kong is in the top 10 of those cities which having the highest death rate caused by air pollution. How can we breathe in dust every second and still stay alive? 

This is an art piece being worn on human body to express my feeling towards Hong Kong. “ Dusty”, “crowded”, “dynamic” are the three words that popped up on my mind when I think of Hong Kong. 

Dust is tiny, unremarkable and inevitable. We cannot see it but it does exist. It appears clearly when a large pile of dust come together. I put some dust into every single balloon and assemble as many balloons as possible to create compactness. Dust is visually seen to be denser. Dust stick to us whenever we go. The movement of the wearer leads to the rhythm of the dust. They are moving dynamically at a slow pace. 


Project / Cody Cheung 

Photography / Caleb Hui & Melvin Mok 

Make up & hair / Sandy Lam 

Model / Yan Ip 


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